Smooth Sailing: Ordering and Delivering Mother's Day Flowers in Melbourne

Smooth Sailing: Ordering and Delivering Mother's Day Flowers in Melbourne


Mother’s Day is the time to celebrate motherhood, it is an opportunity to show your gratitude, to express love and appreciation towards your mother in a beautiful way. Mother’s Day is observed on May 14th to celebrate and facilitate the unconditional love of a mother.

 It all started ages ago when the Greeks and Romans celebrated a day of observance commemorating their mothers. This started with the Greeks and Romans worshiping Goddesses Rhea and Cybele. It was held during spring and the day was dedicated to the celebration of fertility and motherhood. Eventually, later in the United States abolitionist Julia Ward asked for the proclamation of Mother’s Day, celebration, and calling out women for unity and celebration of womanhood. The modern Mother’s Day was promoted by Anna Jarvis, an American reformist.

 She organized programs and campaigns to establish and honor a day for mothers after her mother died in 1905. Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days for florists in Melbourne. There is an outpour of orders by people to show their gratitude towards their mothers by gifting them beautiful and sweet-smelling flowers.

Planning: Timelines for Ordering and Delivery

It is important to plan as the gift industry and florists will be pressed for time during such celebrations. Start by making sure that you have reached out to an authentic florist in Melbourne and not a scammer. This surely means that you may have to fact-check if the florist has a real store and is not simply an order gatherer who passes your order for a hefty slice of commission. Once you have chosen a real Melbourne florist, it is better to call them and speak with them to ensure you’ve reached the right place.

This step will cut out the middleman's charges if you are going through an order gatherer.

Also, if you find a florist with hundreds of reviews it’s better to hold on and think of it before ordering from them. It may be possible that those are paid reviews and some outlets post good reviews repeatedly in an attempt to bury bad reviews.

A Creative florist will be passionate about their work and build an honest reputation. Therefore once you order you can have a hassle-free experience with them as they go to every length and breath for you to receive your order. Everything from getting your order professionally packed and handling the flowers with utmost care can be done well by experienced and passionate florists who are committed to their work.

Choosing Reliable Florists and Flower Delivery Services

According to a poll, at least 78% of women love receiving flowers on Mother's Day as it makes them feel special.

When it comes to sending something to your mother on Mother’s Day choose a florist who curates from the best sellers and finds that elegant piece of luxurious flowers that will cheer your mother like never before.

Amid the busy schedule, if you feel that you might have overlooked your mom’s special day of celebration, opt for same-day delivery partners who make it even more special and easy for you in Melbourne.

It is crucial to look for a florist in Melbourne who can execute what you have envisioned in terms of flower arrangements. When you are going for an online store you have to be mindful of the fact whether the florist is a professional and will hopefully not give you a rough delivery of the reference picture you sent.

Executing the same design you have sent them is important as it makes gifting exciting and you won't be disappointed in the process. Once the florist replicates the exact design you had asked for it builds trust, a satisfaction to have customized it, and lets you feel confident of your choice of gift.

Delivery Options and Considerations for Melbourne Addresses

They say a great courier server is truly the unsung hero of the floral world. Choosing the right florist who can deliver anywhere in the city is important for their reputation as well. They have to be concerned about the packaging and the way it gets delivered. There may be options for cheap florists or cheap delivery who rarely deal with flowers and may not know how to handle them with care. A good florist delivers passionately, and professionally and always makes sure to deliver beautiful blooms with a smile. This is when customers count on their service partners and that's when they feel confident to order from the same florist again and again.

Ensuring Freshness and Quality of Flower Deliveries

When a Florist effectively manages the inventory it helps the company with maintaining the freshness and quality of the blooms. Advance-level inventory systems are organized by the distributors to track and monitor their stocks.

They measure and accurately forecast demands and carefully rotate their stock to make sure that the flowers are evenly distributed and promptly sent out before they wither. This reduces wastage and piling of withered/old flowers. Such planning is required to allow distributors to make sure that the supply chain is stocked with only fresh blooms and has an extended life.

Keeping in mind that flowers are fragile and have low-vase life there is an absolute need to maintain an undisturbed cold chain that will keep the flowers fresh and mint condition. Getting state-of-the-art cold storage is the finest investment done by flower distributors. Not just that, investing in temperature-regulated cold storage also boosts your business as it keeps flowers at the optimal temperature until it has been delivered to the customer's doorstep. By supervising the cold chain thoroughly florists can extend the life of the flowers and make sure that they retain their color and freshness.

Communicating Special Instructions for Delivery

Communicating with your supplier is the key to a great delivery, either over the phone or online. You must double-check your details and make sure that the process is smooth sailing at both ends. You need to give your full name, address, and email, and the recipient's full name mobile number, and email address for a flawless delivery. Most professional delivery partners do not call the recipient in case of emergency but will always try to contact the person who has ordered so that the surprise element is maintained.

The more detailed your order is the smoother the flower delivery is done. Facts that inform your delivery partner that you'll be sending the flowers to a hospital and to ask and get a confirmation from the hospital if they are accepting deliveries.

Handling Issues with Flower Deliveries and Customer Service

Handling complaints smoothly is the best way to proceed. Always fact-check and be as polite as possible to the customers. Things like checking if the flowers have dried up, or have not been received by the customer on time, or misplacement of the flowers has to be addressed most professionally.

Secondly, make sure to assure them that this will never happen again and will always let the customer finish what they need to say first.

As a professional always come forward to fix the problem or resend the order. These are the two easiest ways to address the thing you have missed in a flower business. Do this as a compliment and free of charge so that you win over their loyalty back. Including a small goodie bag or a complimentary bunch of an extra set of flowers, a small free teddy, or a box of chocolates can add a personalized touch and show them that every customer matters to you. A gift coupon on their next purchase can go a long way and help them keep coming back to you again and again.


Mother’s Day is a chance to celebrate and express your love for the most loving person in your life - your mother. And the best way to show your love and appreciation is through beautiful flowers which are delivered right to her doorstep.

Dandelion Florists offers a wide range of flower bouquets, right from exotic orchids to beautiful roses. The floral geniuses at Dandelion handpick your favorite and freshest flowers and you can send home your mom an extremely attractive bouquet. This can be a choice of a unique floral arrangement that reflects your mom’s personality or a gorgeous bunch of her favorite flowers. We offer personalized flower arrangements for Mother’s day. By opting for us you can enjoy a tension-free Mother’s Day flower delivery and surprise your mother with her favorite flowers.

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