Where to Find the Perfect Valentine's Day Flowers in Melbourne, Australia?

Where to Find the Perfect Valentine's Day Flowers in Melbourne, Australia?

There's always something incredibly sweet about the day dedicated to love—Valentine's Day. Even a little gesture can make your loved one's heart flutter.

If you are celebrating Valentine's Day in Melbourne, we know your excitement about buying roses or simply any flowers for your special one.

But let’s say you can't meet your loved one on this day because you are stuck in another place. In that case, you can at least send them a bouquet as a gesture that you care. Now you may wonder where to buy one and get it delivered.

Dandelion is the perfect spot to pick the perfect Valentine's Day flowers in Melbourne and get them delivered on time. But what makes it the best? Read this blog to learn how it works and benefits you. You will also get a quick gist of what makes this florist the best and how they can make your day super special.

About Dandelion

Dandelion floral and foliage design is all about creating beautiful floral arrangements that give a glimpse of what our mother nature looks and feels like. Our history dates back to 1991, when Dandelion was established as a trusted and reliable source for floral needs. And all these years of experience have moulded us to create better crafts.

We focus on using seasonal flowers and foliage to celebrate nature and blend in with its rhythm.

What Makes It One of Melbourne’s Finest Flower Shops?

Dandelion has easily earned its reputation as one of Melbourne's finest flower shops.

Our floral arrangements are a work of art. We dive in deep to understand the floral aesthetics and our customers' expectations to deliver exactly what they want.

From the selection of flowers to the arrangement process, everything is done with the utmost precision and care.

And our customers are the lifeline of our business and they love us. We strive to deliver exceptional service, and if needed, we go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.


Dandelion has a strong dedication to ethical and sustainable practices. Customers appreciate our efforts to reduce environmental impact, such as using recycled materials and supporting local charities.

Thus, we practise the art of promoting wellbeing through flowers. Also, we are always on the hunt for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and benefit the local community.

Why Choose Dandelion to Get Your Valentine’s Day Flowers?

There are multiple shops to get your Valentine’s Day flowers but what really makes Dandelion stand out is its features.

You get unique, creative floral arrangements and bouquets

If you are bored with the usual Valentine's Day flower bouquets and looking for something cool, Dandelion has got your back. We don't do cookie-cutter bouquets. We strive to make crafting arrangements as unique as your love story.

High-quality and fresh flowers sourced locally

You are guaranteed fresh flowers from Dandelion. We ensure our blooms are top-notch by sourcing them only locally. So, you get only the best of the best, straight from our local growers.

Our attention to tiny details and personalised service

We firmly believe that those tiny little details make a big difference. So, from the moment you reach out to us, we ensure your order is what you ordered.

So, why choose Dandelion for your Valentine's Day flowers in Melbourne? We strive to make your Valentine's Day surprise perfect and tailored to what you have in mind.

Special Valentine's Day Offerings at Dandelion

On Valentine's Day, you can buy flower box arrangements, everlasting flowers, bouquets, and vase arrangements at Dandelion.

Some of our exclusive Valentine's Day flowers are

Though Dandelion is dedicated to floral and foliage design, we also love exploring our boundaries. Flowers are enough for loved ones to know you care and love them. Sometimes, flowers alone won't be enough. Yes, it goes both ways. So, you can also buy chocolates and some cool gifts from us.

If you are planning a customised bouquet or flower box arrangement, call us or email the details, and we will make your wish come true.

How to Order Valentine’s Day Flowers from Dandelion?

Order online via our website.

It just takes a few clicks to order your Valentine's Day flowers from us. Just visit our website, scroll through our collections and choose the one that speaks to your heart. Next, complete your order securely online.

Contact Dandelion via phone or email.

If you need personalised assistance, it's best that you get on a call with us directly or by email. Call us at (03) 8528 2747; email us at fadandelion@gmail.com.

Our team will be happy to offer you personalised assistance. Get your doubts cleared and get guidance on picking the ideal flowers to make your Valentine's Day extra special.

Our working hours are:

Monday to Friday: 10.00 AM - 4.00 PM

Sat: 10.00 AM - 2.00 PM

Our ordering deadlines and delivery locations

Are you rushing to find a last-minute Valentine's Day gift? Our same-day flower delivery in Kew has got you covered if you place an order before 1pm. Let our dedicated delivery team handle the rest with utmost care and efficiency.

So, what about the locations we deliver to?

Dandelion Floral and Foliage Design offers fresh seasonal flowers for your Valentine's Day in Kew and nearby suburbs in Australia. Our deliverable locations are Kew, Kew East, Collingwood, Richmond, Ivanhoe, and Hawthorn.

What about storing and transporting flowers?

Let's say you order a fresh bouquet of roses but worry if the flowers will be fresh when delivered.

With Dandelion, there's no worrying if the flowers get withered, especially during your special occasions.

Because cut flowers can last up to seven days or longer in your home.
Since flowers and leaves are made of 70 to 95% water, we ensure that they are hydrated for freshness.

Also, we securely store and transport our flowers before they are processed into bouquets or other arrangements.

Final Words

If you live in Australia, have you ever wondered how Aussies celebrate Valentine's Day? A survey conducted has pointed out that 32% of Australians plan to make this day special. And for the most part, flowers will definitely be their go-to gift.

Australia's floriculture market size is estimated at 2.70 billion in 2024, and this whopping number points out the craze for flowers on Valentine's Day. So, statistics highlight that Valentine’s Day and flowers go hand in hand.

And no one can deny that flowers have been the symbol of romance for centuries because they have the ability to convey emotions in a more beautiful and meaningful way. Dandelion is the best spot to get your Valentine's Day flowers in Melbourne. Contact us for more details.

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