Why Should You Give Flowers On International Women’s Day?

Why Should You Give Flowers On International Women’s Day?

International Women’s day is arriving soon! It’s time to appreciate and celebrate women and all the love they bring to this world with a flower delivery in Kew. This day celebrates women’s cultural, social, economic, and political achievements and rights. So, sending flowers on this day, means you value them and feel proud to have them in life. If you want to celebrate the woman of your life, this is the best day you can count on! Well, if you are thinking of the best gifts to present on this day, flowers could be the best choice. Check with the florist for beautiful women’s day flower arrangements and pick the ones that suit their style and personality.


Colours For The International Women’s Day

Purple, green, and white are popular colours for international women’s day. Purple symbolises justice and dignity. Green signifies hope, and white symbolises purity.  Get a mixed flower bouquet that contains all these colours to make your flower bouquets more meaningful and relatable.


What Flowers Can Be Given On International Women’s Day?


Mimosa is the official flower for International women’s day. It’s a vibrant flower suitable to gift on this day to all the women you know in your life. With its intense yellow colour, it can add brightness and charm to any atmosphere. These are the most feminine and striking flowers, making them the best option for this day.  If you want to order mimosa flowers online with a flower delivery in Kew, check with the florist for availability.



Roses are not only for Valentine’s Day but can also be gifted to express your pure love and affection to the woman in your life. 



Tulips are excellent spring flowers that are colourful, elegant, and sophisticated. Get a dramatically arranged purple tulip bouquet with same-day flower delivery to surprise your loved one at the doorstep.



Lillies capture the essence of feminine at its best and represent many aspects of womanhood such as beauty, passion, and motherhood. As a classic flower, it’s the best flower to gift on this day.



Sunflowers are yet another great flower to gift your woman with a surprise flower delivery to their doorstep. Get a hand-arranged sunflower bouquet for the ever-cheerful and happy women in your life, and spread love on this day.


Go ahead and applaud all the women in your life with a gorgeous flower bouquet to express your love and gratitude. If you want international women’s day flowers online, call Dandelion Floral And Foliage Design at (03) 8528 2747 today.

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